Steroids Case Study Summary

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1. What values and beliefs shape the behaviors of the sales team?
Some of the beliefs and values shared by the sales team are shown in their conversations with other teammates such as Laura. The values and beliefs include a strong favor to the opposing liberal government and extreme self-confidence since they believe so strongly in their sharing their views while looking down on others who may not share the same. Laura, on the other hand, is quite timid and is an introvert, hence she does not like confrontation and this allows for other members of the team to torment her.
2. How is Scott’s leadership behavior impacting the team?
Scott’s leaderships is not benefiting the entire team at all. Scott,
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What suggestions do you have for Lori as she implements the CI principles in her place of work? In order for Lori to implement CI principles in her workplace she much, first of all, educate herself on the general CI ideas. She can then hold another meeting where she introduces the idea to her colleagues. She will provide information on the growing demographics, how they can be in corporate and targeted into the business to make it more diverse and more productive. She will basically aim to change their self-efficacy by having them view this as a great opportunity rather than a chance to fall by the wayside. The board members will be provided with the opportunity to speak about their resistance and Lori will work towards taming the resistance by trying to foster cultural intelligent to bring about increase growth and diversity in the organization with the agreement of all board members.
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This company is unwilling to promote Pattie due to her diverse elements such as being a woman who provides home care for her son. They are bypassing her merits and achievements due to the other aspects of her life and it’s discriminatory. She has shown and proven how proficient she can be, yet she is overlooked due to her differences. Three suggestions that I have for the leadership of this organization is to attain information of cultural intelligence, actually and truthfully practice culturally intelligence in the business and to provide training for all staff members so that everyone in the organization can feel that opportunities are equally achievable. The increase self-efficacy of team members can make the company more profitable and

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