Essay Case Study 2: Eagle Manufacturing

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Ted Jones, a young man of 35 years, takes a reflective review of his 2 years tenure as the Supply Manager heading a team of professional buyers, expediters and support staff at Eagle Manufacturing Company. He reflects on his team’s laudable accomplishments, the different challenges that he has faced from the various departments within the organization, the incessant pressure from top management for seamless operations devoid of supply related problems, and seeks to find a way to solve these problem so as to ensure an efficient and more effective supply management process for his organization.

Analysis of the Case
Ted Jones has been the Supply Manager at Eagle Manufacturing Company for two years. He heads a team of
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This may be due primarily to the fact that other departments view the supply management department as a department that solves their problem hence they communicate with them only when there is a crisis to be solved. d. The absence of cross functional team on supply management related issues i.e. a team with members drawn from each key department (operations, administration, marketing, finance, production etc.) to determine the right specifications, quality, cost, delivery lead time etc. on all materials for procurement. This team can help improve supply related communication among the departments as well as ensure that any policy related to supply management is followed by all department. e. Absence of a procurement/supply management policy/procedure. This should set out the timelines and requirements for submitting purchase request as well establish other key policies pertaining to supply management, the role of the supply management department, its coordinating roles and how other departments should relate/liaise with it. f. Excess workload and poor staff remuneration and motivation. This is evidenced by complaints by the senior buyer and his subsequent resignation. There is also indicative of an absence of other job satisfaction and motivational incentive e.g. career/self-development, staff recognition and awards etc. g. There is also the problem of poor supplier

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