Essay Case Study - 2 ( Angelen And Jennei )

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Case study – 2 (Angelen and Jennei)
1. Why do you think that Angela found the instructions Nancy gave her easy to follow? Why was it difficult for Jennine?
Angela was quickly ready to proceed knitting on her own, after listening to the school care workers instructions. Because, Angela’s parents might have given her knitting practise ahead of time at home. Due this kind of motivation or encouragement from parents might have made her to take more self- interest in learning how to knit. Moreover Angela would have experienced watching knitting exhibition with her family members during vocation time. Angela should have taken her own interest to read the knitting instruction book in advance (ahead of time). Sometimes Angela should have good cognitive development. Due to repeated practise to the child by their parents, should have developed independence, improved eye-hand co-ordination, self- confidence at concentration of work. School care workers instruction about knitting was suitable to Angela’s level of cognitive ability.
Teacher has not given proper guidance for the task (knitting) as per Jennine’s level of cognitive development. May be Jennine’s parents are not aware of of knitting, so she could not gain interest in the same field. The school care worker, Nancy has not created any interest in child, like pairing her with other children. Jennine’s parents could have not taken interest to explore the child through various exhibition and activities. Nancy is not given…

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