Case Study #1 Essay

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Allyson Medina April 30, 2011

Assignment: Case Study #1

The Case: A 47-year-old female presents to a family practice clinic complaining of fatigue. When obtaining initial subjective data, the client admits to not eating red meat and shares that she is a member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. She comments that her menses have been irregular with heavy flow over the course of the past six months. On Physical examination, her conjunctiva and mucous membranes are pale. Diagnostic complete blood count is obtained and her hematocrit is 24% and hemoglobin is 8g/dL.

1. Describe how you would assess the patient for health practices and beliefs that are outside of the biomedical and scientific model.
I would
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In this patient’s case we can ask her to eat deep green vegetables and dried fruits like raisons and prunes.
From a socioeconomic standpoint, incorporating red meat into one’s diet can be an expensive modification. Sadly, following a healthy diet is more expensive than consuming a high processed and malnutritious diet. This is why many low-income families tend to eat a diet lacking essential vitamins and nutrients. What is this patient’s scenario? Does she have the money to buy different foods, or if nothing else, can she afford adding iron supplements to her daily routine? Does she have healthcare? Would she agree to going to the hospital to have a work-up completed, or returning in a week to see if her blood levels have risen?

4. Debate whether nursing should support the practices and beliefs of this patient.
Nursing should absolutely support the patient’s practices and beliefs. Even if the nurse does not agree with the patient’s practices, they must be respected. If it is ruled that the patient’s diet is the ultimate cause of her iron deficiency and fatigue, then supplements should be encouraged and a conversation on foods high in iron should take place. This does not necessarily mean that the patient must start eating red meat, but that other foods like dried fruits and deep green vegetables should now be consumed. This change in diet accompanied with an iron supplement, could very well improve the patient’s condition. If this

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