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Is Social Business working out?
Ricardo Thomas
Florida Tech University

Is social business working out? summary of major issues
The social media platforms growth in the average person's life has significantly altered our communication with each other, both at home and in the workplace. In recent years companies have been trying to leverage the power of social media within the business environment. Once the value of social business is understood and the effective use of the many available tools are utilized, it can be advantageous to an organization's bottom-line. Several known implementation challenges can be averted if these prerequisites are in place before implementing a tool.

The example of the NASA's Goddard Space Flight
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The exclusion of all the staff in the development, design, and implementation of social networking will lead to lackluster approach to adaptation. Additional, staff need to be convince that social business is a benefit to their daily duties. Importantly, corporate social networks should deliver Return on Investment. Understanding exactly what that is should be taken into consideration prior to making a significant investment in software purchase and deployment. Enterprise social networking systems were not at the core of how most of the surveyed companies collaborate.

There is a need for greater customization because out-of-the-box platforms like Yammer can't sufficiently address the needs of large, complex organizations, which require more customizable solutions. There is also a need for ease of use. If the majority of the workforce are not computer literate or highly technical, then implementing such a technology driven tool may fail. The tool must be customized to meet your workforce needs and match their technical competence. Staff are de-motivated, if they must learn a new complex tool that they are not convinced that it adds value to their existing function or will make their core duties much easier. Internal social business technologies must be design in collaboration with staff roles and functions, with the aim it to be easy to use as possible. The technology

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