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In today’s dynamic environment, managements are facing different challenges because of the complexity and uncertainty introduced by people in and outside the organization and by the organizational context itself. This essay spotlights different challenges and relevant issues that have been addressed by Lee Reynaldo, the manager of DrainFlow Plumbing. It will then discuss different solutions and actions that must be undertaken to eliminate the negative impact it created upon the employees, customers and the company itself. Furthermore, varies concept and theories of organisational behaviour are used to support those solutions and allow Drain Flow management make optimum use of organisational resources to achieve
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As article stated, “lightening plumber has been drawing more and more customer from Drainflow”. (Case study)
There is undeniable link between motivated employees, organizational commitment and customer satisfaction. Meyer & Stanley (2002, p23) discussion of Meyer and Allen (1984) initially proposed three component model of commitment which are effective, continuous and normative commitment. It stated that with effective commitment denoting an emotional attachment, identification with and involvement in the organization. The continuous commitment however, representing the perceived cost and benefits. Finally normative commitment reflects a perceived obligation to remain in the organization (Manetje 2009, p38). As demonstrated in the article, employees of DrainFlow are committed to an organization on a continuous and normative basis. With continuous commitment, DrainFlow workers stay because they might be attracted by other accumulated investment which they could lose such as pension plans, seniority or organization specific skills. To retain employees who are continuous committed, DrainFlow must give more attention and recognition to material benefit and rewards that boost the employee’s moral to be effectively committed which will result in job satisfaction and providing good customer service to achieve organizational goals. On the other hand,

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