case study 1 Essay

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Rachel Pepe
June 19th 2015
Case Study #1

1. The social structure and behavior of chimps in their communities or troops suggest many questions. What research questions might Dr. Hahn and her associates ask?

Research questions Dr. Hahn and her associates may ask would include things about how the chimp’s interact and communicate, about their diet affecting behavior and if different groups do things differently?

2. Choose one of the research questions from above and consider it in more detail. Based upon the question, what would be a reasonable hypothesis?

Does their diet affect the behavior of the chimps?
Diets will not always be the same between other groups, which also means behaviors wouldn’t be the same either.
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Chimp communities is also made of closely related chimps so their bacteria will be similar throughout the community.

1. What is it about chimpanzee society that may have contributed to the spread of the siv virus?
Females that leave their group to venture to another group when they become fertile spread the SIV viruses throughout different societies.

2. If the virus found in captive Western chimpanzees is the same virus found in wild Western chimpanzees, how would you be able to verify this? What types of techniques might be employed? What types of data would be desired?
If a captive and wild western chimp has the same SIV virus, comparing the RNA sequence of the viruses could help verify this. To do this, you could do a sequence analysis to find the RNA sequences of the chimps.
3. What might scientists gain from knowing the location of the origin of hiv?
By knowing the origin, they might be able to find a direct way to treat the virus incase someone was infected or even work on finding a cure for HIV.
4. How might siv have “jumped” from a chimpanzee to a human? Outline the series of events that would have led to the origin of hiv from an siv ancestor.
Zoonosis: a disease that can be transmitted from humans to animals. Different ways this could possibly happen would include: a hunter hunting a chimp the chimp biting the hunter and then their bloods come in contact
5. What methodology might Dr. Hahn use

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