Case Study 1 Chapter 2 Essay

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1. Find a list of all 10 of Zappos corporate values. Pick two of the values and explain how you think those values would influence the way employees do their work. A. Zappos list of 10 corporate values are: Deliver WOW Through Service, Embrace and Drive Change, Create Fun and A Little Weirdness, Be Adventurous, Creative, and Open-Minded, Pursue Growth and Learning, Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication, Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit, Do More with Less, Be Passionate and Determined, and Be Humble. If I had to pick two values from that list they would be Build a Positive Team and Family Spirit and also Build Open and Honest Relationships with Communication. I believe that these two values would have the …show more content…
If an employee feels like they are a part of something bigger they are more willing to be extremely committed. When the spirit of family is built the employees can feel as though the organization is watching out for them and they should do the same by being committed and strongly share the values and connections of the organization. Having an open and honest relationship with communication ties into the idea of a strong culture. When the employees are able to speak their mind and trust that the organization has their best interest at heart they will be able to strongly identify with that company’s culture. Overall building trust and being able to communicate with your employees by creating a strong culture that they can follow and fit into will lead to an organization achieving the greatest of benefits through their employee’s hard work and dedication. 2. Using this list of corporate values and Exhibit 5, describe Zappos organizational culture. In which areas would you say that Zappos culture is very high (or typical)? Explain. B. Using the list of corporate values and Exhibit 5 I would say that Zappos has to be very customer oriented. They have millions of customers and they value the idea of delivering WOW through service. They emphasize super-fast shipping, a great selection of products and free return to ensure that the customers are happy with their shopping experience. The CEO went as far as to issue a press release announcing that “Zappos was

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