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1. Jason
Jason is a 38-year-old factory worker who came into the treatment center after being arrested for drinking and driving (DUI/DWI). His attorney has suggested that he quit drinking and enter treatment at least until his trial, which is scheduled in two months. Jason does not anticipate serving jail time, but he believes that treatment could strengthen his legal case. After his first arrest for DUI two years ago, he simply paid a fine and attended a special driver's education program for six weeks. Jason found the program to be "a waste of time."
Jason has been married for 10 years and has two sons aged 8 and 6 years. He has had numerous arguments with his wife, Melissa, concerning his drinking. He gets very angry and
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3. Lynn Lynn is a 37-year-old successful businesswoman. She works for a major investment firm. She has been referred to the center by her company’s employee assistance program (EAP). Lynn appears to be a “no-nonsense” business professional. She tells her history without emotion.
Lynn says that she often plans to have one or two glasses of wine with dinner, but often does not stop with one or two glasses and usually finishes the whole bottle.
“A couple of years ago I began having trouble sleeping and started to take a ‘sleeping pill’ three or four times a week to help me sleep through the night. I know it was only about 2 years ago because it was about the same time my dad died.”
Lynn reports that each morning, she drinks at least 3 or 4 cups of coffee to “get her going.” She makes it a point to work out at least three times a week in the morning before going to work. She has a prescription for Xanax as needed for panic attacks, and she also takes diet pills (amphetamine) to control her weight. She says she has had a struggle with her weight since childhood.
Over the last year, Lynn has been spending more time at home alone. She makes excuses to avoid business dinners and after-work functions when she can. She says she has been drinking more wine, as well.

“More often than, not I finish off the bottle before going to bed. I just can’t seem to stop. A lot of times,

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