Essay on Case Studies in Orporate Sustainability

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Case Studies in Corporate Sustainability NGO collaboration is most effective when done through organizations like the Business for Innovative Climate & Energy Policy (BICEP) which is an example of an organization that helps businesses collaborate with other businesses on subjects like climate change. These businesses which include companies like Annie's, Aspen Skiing Company, Ben and Jerry's, Nestle, and Patagonia, Inc. work with each other to help create green sustainability plans to manage problems like energy efficiency and renewable energy sources(Fort, Eleanor. "Our Impacts in 2014." BICEP 23 Jan. 2015). There's also organizations like the U.S. Climate Action Partnership (USCAP), which call on the government to enact environmentally …show more content…
Companies who practice Fair Trade agreements help insure that farmers and producers in developing countries are able to maintain a lifestyle that promotes green sustainability for them and for us. Localization refers to the idea of a community of organizations in one region that have the same goals or principles that they all agree to achieve and practice. For instance Salmon Nation, an organization that is made up of a group of financial entrepreneurs, has formed itself into a financial investment organization with three investment companies that are trying to meet the needs of a return on investment for shareholders as well as Earth's risk of contribution. These three investment companies are Ecotrust, Portfolio 21, and Shorebank Pacific. The region they serve called Salmon Nation covers over 1000 miles of Pacific Northwest coastline where all the Salmon runs are, hence the name Salmon Nation. The Salmon nation makes its staff, investors, donors, and recipients citizens of the Salmon Nation and they are expected to be committed to sustainable goals. All the citizens of Salmon Nation basically have the same core values and the localization of the investment market keeps aggressive outside investors away. Local loyalty is cultivated and local businesses benefit from a large local pool of resources to help maintain sustainability practices. Green building and sustainable housing are the same thing. The goal is

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