Case Studies Of Crisis Management And Communication Essay

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Case Studies of Crisis Management and Communication Examples of companies in crisis. After discussing and examining crisis, crisis communication, and the eight step model, this research will prove the effectiveness of the eight step model on crises through an evaluation and analysis of the eight step model’s practical application in five real life crisis case studies (Argenti, 2013). The Johnson & Johnson’s Tylenol recall, British Petroleum’s (BP) Deepwater Horizon disaster, Perrier’s benzene contamination crisis, Cadury’s worm infestation, McDonald’s ingredient scandal, and Pepsi-Cola’s syringe hoax will all provide insight into the actual application and theoretical application of the eight step model (Argenti, 2013; Padgett et al., 2013; Telang & Deshpande, 2016). Conclusively, the goal of these case studies is to validate the author’s thesis by demonstrating the applicability of each of the eight steps of the model within real life crisis situations. In autumn of 1982, Johnson & Johnson experience one of the worst crises in the company 's history. Seven customers died after ingesting cyanide laced Tylenol capsules (Argenti, 2013). Knowing that a such a malicious and purposeful contamination - by an unknown external entity - could be lethal to other customers and irreparably damaged the brand, Johnson & Johnson acted quickly (Argenti, 2013). The company recalled 31 million bottles of Tylenol. Johnson & Johnson also communicated effectively and openly with its…

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