Case Resolution Of Special Education Dispute Resolution Essay

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In accordance with Special Education Dispute Resolution Handbook a school district must implement a Hearing Officer’s decision within the timeframe specified by the Hearing Officer and TEA is charged with monitoring the school district’s implementation. Thus TEA expects compliance with final orders of a Hearing Officer with the State Office of Administrative Hearings for the State of Texas. This element of res judicata has been satisfied.
d) Imposes an Obligation, Denies a Right, or Fixes Some Legal Relationship – Final Judgment/Agency Order
Order 8 establishes the legal relationship between the Parties as it pertains the issue of whether BISD improperly including counsel in the March and April 2015 ARD meetings. Order 8 denies Petitioner’s motion to remove BISD’s counsel which denied Petitioner a right and solidifies a legal relationship. This element of res judicata has been satisfied.
Order 8 constitutes a final judgment/agency order on the issue of whether BISD improperly included legal counsel at ARDs as Order 8 is definitive, promulgated in a formal manner, with which the agency expects compliance, and imposes an obligation, denies a right, or fixes some legal relationship as a consummation of the administrative process. This element of res judicata has been satisfied. ii. Identical Parties or Those in Privity
As stated in the above collateral estoppel argument, Triniti T. b/n/f Courtney T. and Beaumont Independent School District were adversaries in all…

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