Case Presentation Of A Client

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Case Presentation

Identifying Client Information
The client is 21 year-old, homosexual male. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California and has lived there almost all his life. The client is the eldest from three siblings. Client reported being raised by both biological parents until around age 7 when his parents got divorced. After the divorce, both, client and mother went to live to grandmother’s house. Client recalls being raised by his grandmother, as mother worked full-time. At around age 9, mother remarried again and had two other children. Client reported currently living with stepfather, mother, and siblings in a 2-bedroom apartment. He mentioned not having a good relationship with stepfather as they constantly “bump heads.”
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Client also reported feeling very forced to go visit his biological father on the weekends and he did not feel confortable doing this. Client mentioned feeling like a stranger while at father’s home, because father was very cold and distant, showing not very much affection towards him. As he got older he remembers begging his mother not to make him go spend weekends with his father as this was a very painful situation for him. Client also reported not having a good relationship with stepfather growing up. Client mentioned he always felt like a burden to stepfather as he would treat him like “shit” and would tell him he was doing him a favor by raising him. As client got older, stepfather would make fun of him for not being the typical “masculine” guy who was into sports. Client reported stepfather calling him names such as “sissy and faggot” and would always tell him to “man up” and to stop being so feminine. At 18, client decided to come out to his mother as gay. He reported mother being very supportive and understanding. However, mother shared this information with stepfather, who did not have the same reaction. After he came out, client reported stepfather telling him not be so affectionate with his siblings, this included things like hugging and kissing, because he was afraid he was going to turn them gay. Client reported being very hurt by this and made him not …show more content…
Behavior: Client has poor eye contact, always sits with his legs on top of a chair and hunches down.

Cooperation: For the most part, client cooperates during session, although it takes him awhile to warm up. The only times he has been resistant is when we have tried exploring his childhood.

Speech and Language: Client speaks at an average/normal rate. Client is very intellectual and expresses himself very well.

Mood: Client’s mood is for the most part anxious, fearful, and negative.

Orientation: Client appears well oriented to person, place, time, and situation.

Intellectual Functioning: Client appears to be above average in intelligence. He is able to express himself very well and is able to understand complex concepts.

Cognitive Functioning-Judgment: Client appears to have average judgment. Despite feeling anxious, overwhelmed, depressed at time, and self-defeated attitudes, he is able to maintain his part-time job, attend school full-time, and interact with people when he has

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