Case : Piece Of America V. Gray Loon Marketing Essay

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PIECE OF AMERICA, Appellant (Defendant), v. GRAY LOON OUTDOOR MARKETING GROUP, INC., Appellee (Plaintiff).
906 N.E.2d 805; 2009 Ind. LEXIS 465; 69 U.C.C. Rep. Serv. 2d (Callaghan) 71
First, Piece of America was a limited partnership that was composed of three general partners, including F.W. Splittorff, Dennis Conwell, and Robert Aswell. The company offered a uniqueness bundles: one-square-inch parcels of land in each of the fifty states.
Next, Piece of America contacted Gray Loon Marketing to design and publish its website. The design project was given to piece of America with an assessed price of $8080, in September 2003. Gray Loon finished the website on December 2013 at a final cost of about $8500. Once the website was running to POA’s satisfaction, it paid Gray Loon in full during the first quarter of 2004.
Moreover, on April 2004, POA requested that Gray Loon make several changes, some of which required major programming work. Via phone, Gray Loon accepted to roll out these improvements. Gray Loon immediately began the requested alteration. At the point when POA later declined to pay the bill for the second stage, Gray Loon posted the second stage site without holding a duplicate of the first site.
However, there was not a signing agreement on the change of the contract. Neither Piece of America demanded a price quote or the Gray Loon offer one. Gray Loon later sent Piece of America a bill for $5,224.50.…

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