Case Paper for Truearth by Syed Ghousuddin Hasan

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Cover Sheet for Case Summary submission

Name: Hasan, Syed Ghousuddin Win #: 1090 (Last Name, First Name) (Last 4 Digits)

Submitted to: Professor Dr. Mushtaq Luqmani

Due on: Wednesday the February 8h, 2012

Case Title
TruEarth Healthy Foods
Market Research for a New Product Introduction
Harvard Business Publishing, (4065) December 24, 2009

CIS 6130 Customer Driven Marketing
Spring 2012

Marketing Department
Haworth College of Business
Western Michigan University

CIS 6130 Customer Driven Marketing
Professor Dr. Mushtaq Luqmani
“Market Research for a New Product Introduction”

It is always essential to endure a competitive edge in the any business by incessant innovation and
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It is clear that Cucina fresco pasta definitely enjoyed first mover advantage. TruEarth based their marketing and sales strategy well planned; they based their forecasts and decision on data acquired thru BASES survey and overall extensive market research. Success was a calculated risk based on significant research and TruEarth should adopt similar strategy for pizza.

Even though it is undeniable fact that the competitors like Nestle & Kraft have marginally established in Pizza market and are enjoying successful segment, but Cucina Fresco (TruEarth’s) brand image is already recognized and established customer added value and delight from the pasta market, pizza from the same brand will certainly have a competitive edge and advantage and should be considered as strength while considering the launching options.

When it comes to whole grain pasta there were already few players, but TruEarth successful penetrated the market by strategically tapping an untapped market segment and introducing tastier pizza than others led to a great success. Similarly for the whole grain pizza, their pizza should stand unique and taste at par to beat the existing pizza players and doing so will make their own market domain and will capture a big size of untapped segment.

2. Using research data in the case forecast the volume for TruEarth pizza.
Company adopted volume estimates using mix of high-level

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