Ob Redesign For Expanded Ham Functions Case Study

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ob redesign for expanded HIM functions

1. How are the principles of goal setting applied in this case?

In this case study goal setting is taken as an important factor for productivity increase and performance improvement. Here the business owners and their management teams uses different tools to set well defined and realistic achievable departmental goals together with individual performance goals. This is due to constant changes in the health care delivery system. These changes have led managers into altering work in health information services (HIS) departments. Like on the setting of the goal of redesigning work and job to improve the performance of each individual employee, managers under HIS had to device new methods of assisting all departmental members to work smarter after they identified that
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but some employees may feel that they are being overloaded with more work and risks to balance: fragmentation, role ambiguity, questionable acceptance in highly centralized organizations. The Human resources departments have sometimes raises concerns about pay grade, and risk management but the enrichment process has resulted in creating feelings of responsibility and accomodativeness in the hearts of employees. The added challenging jobs made the employees to feel secured and to feel that they have been provided a chance the learn more in their respective departments and they improve productivity, performance, reliability, and accountability as individuals and as

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