Case Managers And Counselors Share Four Common Goals Essay

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Case managers and counselors share four common goals to build strong relationships with their clients. These goals are important in helping clients to achieve their goals or solve their problems. The first goal helps the client to change or release negative behavior. Open dialogue helps the client to release negative emotion as well as validate their concerns. Listening and offering solutions can foster a support system to counter negative emotions. “Workers should not try to talk people out of their feelings. Their job is to help people figure out why one particular issue provokes emotion” (Mandell & Schram, 2012 p 365). Workers who are dismissive of the client’s feelings can be perceived as minimizing the situation or showing a lack of concern.

The second goal helps clients to understand oneself and their situation with the help of the worker showing empathy. Empathy puts the worker in the client’s shoes as a way of learning more about their situation to be able to provide access to appropriate services. “Empathy is a difficult skill for a client to develop. It is, however, the cornerstone of communication” (Mandell & Schram, 2012, p 366). Workers who are skillful in assessing the needs of their clients are able to building strong relationships. Helping clients to make sound decisions that produce better outcomes is the third goal for case managers and counselors. Teaching decision-making skills can give them the tools to exercise good judgment and…

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