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Case Manager Interview
Case Manager: Merventine Scott
Organization: Family and Youth Services

Assessment and reassessment
1. When clients are referred to your organization, what process or procedure is followed to assess your client (such as psychological, social, medical, et cetera)?
When clients are referred to Family and Youth Services an initial assessment is performed, which includes information on a clients demographics, residential status, income, insurance coverage, mental or medical history, and main reason for seeking service. The process also includes an overview of different areas of need such as shelter, food, safety, and health care.
2. What steps do you take to stay up to date on current services or changes in
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I personally give the clients the tools and resources to do what they have to do not do it for them. I let the client have control but do not let it go beyond professional means, this will increase self-confidence and gives them freedom to make decisions and determine whether they are making the right choices. It also helps them increase their perceptions of the choices available and clarify the implications of each option.

8. What types of monitoring does your organization use to ensure effective progress in the client’s goals?
In this organization we monitor the client’s progress during implementation process on a monthly basis and at the end of the process. Monitoring during the process allows us to adapt to the program as needed to ensure that the client is reaching goals and completing objectives. Regular monitoring is done in each area of concern using structure, process and outcome measures, and making appropriate adjustments on the basis of the evaluations.
9. What have you found to be the best way to monitor the performance of your work and/or the work of others?
A performance review using different checklists and charts that measure time and progress is the best way to make sure we are doing what is best for the client based on goals and objectives. Checklists and charts help keep track of what is done, when it was done, how much time it took and the outcome. I also set performance goals, observe, get

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