Case Management : The Transition Process Of Community Supervision

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Case management is an important factor in community supervision. The transition from jail to the community is important and should be taken with care to reduce recidivism. This transition needs help from community based organization, jails, and probation to work together. The Transition from Jail to Community (TJC) is an initiative that helps the community transition. The goals of this transition is to improve public safety and increase the successful of offenders that are released in the community.This is a resource consuming process that needs interagency cooperation. This model first started in Douglas County, Kansas, and Denver Colorado and then went on to include Lacrosse County Wisconsin, Orange County California, Davidson County Tennessee, and Kent County Michigan (Warwick, K., Dodd, H., & Neusteter, S. R., 2012). Resources are prioritized to help the high risk clients with services and interventions, this bypasses certain low risk offenders who may have adverse outcomes if given these services (Lowenkamp & Latessa 2002). This model supports the jail and community to have a vision with expectations, and identify critical issues. This involves joint ownership with the solution and problem. Analysis of data is important to understand the jail population and how to best serve them for successful reentry into the community. This program uses evidence based practices. This includes the continuity of care. This includes providing medications or therapy, securing…

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