Case Management : The Improvement Of Coordination Of Services And Accessibility For Each Member Of The Community

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Case management: Nurse case managers assist in the improvement of coordination of services and accessibility for each member of the community. Case manager nurses assist with meeting the needs of the individual or families, at the same time that provides reduction of costs, proficient use of resources and avoids disintegration of care (Lewenson & Truglio-Londrigan, 2013). Case management nurses can provide information and assist patients with placements with assistance programs. They also can help out patients diagnose with cancer about proper oncology referrals, medication assistance, and proper follow up, support programs and even programs that might offer financial assistance. Case management can also assist patient and families with lodging assistance when they need to travel away from their homes for cancer treatment.
Delegated functions: Delegation is any direct care assignment given to appropriate personnel by a registered nurse (Lewenson & Truglio-Londrigan, 2013). Public health nurses have the responsibility to determine the needs of collier county population. After performing assessment, evaluation and nursing decision, public health nurses can decide which experience personnel can assist with tasks. As an example; nursing aids visiting cancer patients at home have the task of assisting patients with their activities of daily living. Public health nurses have the responsibility to supervise that the care provide for these patients is safe and appropriate for the…

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