Case Management Intervention Case Study

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The most pressing problem is Mama’s obesity and inability to care for her children. With Bonnie unable to care for her children and herself, Gilbert has taken responsibility for making money, repairing their old farmhouse, overseeing his two quarrelsome younger sisters Amy and Ellen and care for Arnie. Gilbert has taken on more responsibility than the average male at his age and this is due to Bonnie not being able to play her role as a mother. Gilbert loves Arnie, there is no doubt, but he does not want the responsibility of taking care of him every day and 24 hours in a day. Bonnie gave up on life and now Gilbert, for his siblings’ existence, must abandon his wants in life. It is possible to view Mama as manipulative and the pressing problem to Gilbert’s frustration, as she …show more content…
I chose this method because it will allow me provide services such as home care taker, jobs options and strengths-based perspective for the mother’s eating addition. To reach our goals, I can utilize the core activities of outreach, assessment, planning, linking, monitoring, and advocacy but add in skill-based training activities, coupled with a system of positive incentives designed to encourage a more healthful lifestyle. This method will allow me to collaboratively assess the needs of the Gilbert and his family to meet their specific complex needs.
Evaluation Stage (8) I will know when the agreed upon goals are accomplish when I can (A) determine that Gilbert and his family’s goals are being met, through services I provided or discussions we had, (B) and facilitate informed survey of my professional quality. I could assist the family’s development since I our first meeting to make my decision: have they develop long-lasting solutions that can keep them together or will their problems become worse after they leave me.
Case Scenario

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