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Case 1: LinkedIn
YouTube is for video entertainment; iTunes services music lovers; Facebook is primarily for socializing; Flickr is for photo exchange; Second Life and World of Warcraft are for participating in virtual communities; Gamezone and Shockwave are for gamesters; and so on and so on. It would seem that the Web has anticipated all of our needs and responded. But wait, what’s out there for those of us who want to further our professional lives to visit with others in our field of expertise, to look at jobs that are available in other parts of the world, to find out what’s happening in the business world outside our own familiar circle, and to garner introductions to those who might help us succeed? LinkedIn is an online service
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Connections can be used in many ways:
• Users list trusted contacts, who then list their contacts, called second-degree connections. Second-degree connections list their trusted contacts, called third-degree connections. In this way, the original LinkedIn user brings together thousands of professionals, gaining many valuable contacts.
• Users can then find jobs, people, and business opportunities recommended by someone in the network.
• Employers using the network can list jobs and search for available candidates to fill job openings.
• Job seekers can search the connections of potential employers and find mutual connections who might introduce them.
A free feature called “LinkedIn Answers” lets users ask business-related questions for the community to answer. LinkedIn Groups is another free feature that allows users to make additional contacts by joining alumni, professional, or other job-related groups. A mobile version of LinkedIn is available in six languages. LinkedIn continues to push mobile use with their latest updated iPhone application and has also announced better integration with Microsoft Outlook and Lotus software a clear move to better align themselves with business users.
There are ways to enhance one’ s use of professional profile sites such as LinkedIn, writes Kevin Donlin for the Minneapolis–St. Paul Star Tribune. First, enhance your profile. One way to do

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