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Pineal Germinoma: A Common Cerebral Tumor
Our brain is one of the most vital parts of the body. Brain and the central nervous system are interconnected. External action proposes the brain to activate and carry reactionary messages through the connective nerves. Human body movements are controlled by the cerebral nervous system. And this biological and structural functioning of human cerebral system is shattered with disease or infection. Apart from brain injuries and sudden high blood pressure, only biologically inherited syndrome can cause fatal cerebral disease. One of such brain diseases is tumor. Human brain is divided into many regions. The Pineal region is located at the tip of the third ventricle which is made of some fluid filled
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In the hypothalamic region of the brain, this type of germ cell tumor is found the most. Even the thalamus and basal ganglia can be affected by this kind of tumor. In malignant state, these tumors may spread into the spine and have potential to infect the cerebrospinal fluid causing meningitis in patients.
Risk factors * These kinds of pineal germinomas are seen mostly in children aged between 1-20 years. Almost 3-5% cases of brain tumors in children are caused by germinoma. * The occurrence of such tumors is high in Japan. * Germinomas have been shown to invade and weaken males more than females with an astonishing 9:1 ratio. * Suprasellar germinomas affect males and females equally. * As it is an incurable cerebral condition, the mortality rate among children is higher as they often cannot cope up with the pain and fatality of this slowly progressive disease. * 59% of the patients who are treated with traditional radiation manage to survive for 5 years. * Drug treatment can increase life expectancy as much as 81% in younger adults only if it is case of very indolently growing germinomas.

Symptoms * Germinomas can create a rare syndrome called Parinaud syndrome which is actually the result of the compression of tectum. People with growing germ cell tumors often come up with symptoms of this syndrome. * Patients may encounter seizures and frequent headache the severity of which fluctuates

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