Case Analysis: Will GM's Strategic Plan Lead to Future Success?

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Case Analysis: Will GM's Strategic Plan Lead to Future Success?

As we know, General Motor (GM) is a famous American manufacture and distributes vehicle. It was founded in 1908 and led the global automotive industry for a long time. Now, you can see a car and commercial vehicles which were produced by General Motor anywhere. GM produce, sell and provide service brands including: Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Hummer, Holden, etc. At present, GM's full range of models sold in more than 120 countries and regions, including electric cars, micro cars, heavy-duty full-size trucks, compact car and cabriolet. We have to say that GM’s success is attributed to its successful strategy.

Four basic type of strategy GM used to
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Generally, the goal is relatively a huge jump compared with the current 6% profit margin. From my opinion, it’s a great long term aim to such a large scale company. The vision is very positive and inspiring, as one of first implementation of the U.S. stock and expert group management of large enterprises. However, I am concerned that the current goal of GM should be eliminating all debt. As we know, GM still need to pay off $ 23 billion it borrowed to survive. So for the short time goal, GM should devote itself to being debt-free, lower the cost, get more profit.

State two SMART goals for GM based on the case. Are these goals attainable? Discuss.
The first smart goals for GM is that to be debt-free in five years. Since GM has afford a big amount of debt and have to pay the interest of debt annually. Especially in Europe, the cost of production and service is high enough. It’s time to reduce the expense now, transfer to the lower-cost countries, since the development of those lower-cost countries is high speed enough to satisfy the demand of the production and providing service. Additionally, try best to reduce the cost of producing expense, focus more on design of production, reducing the auto “platforms”, etc.

The second goal for GM is to be a innovate company in peers. To be more prospectors- create their own opportunities,

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