Case Analysis : V. Duong Et Essay

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Before we attend the trial, there was only one Trial/Jury case which was Ellis et al v. Duong et at. Firstly, we have noticed that plaintiff side and juries were in the right and the defendant side was in the left from the judge’s view. There were two lawyers located each side, a clerk, a judge, and seven juries. The atmosphere in the court was silent and everyone respected with the dignity towards the judge. Since the Ellis et al v. Duong et at case was an ongoing case and held for quite a bit long time, we tried to focus on focused on understanding the facts based on the lawyers and witness’ arguments.

A brief summary of what was going on in the trial while you were watching. In general, the plaintiff, Ellis sued Duong for the past car accident that caused her brain injuries, such as mental disorders and anxiety of meeting new people (trauma, flashback emotional, depress, negative thinking, and nightmare, etc.). The car crash between Ellis and Duong happened in December 2010 when Ellis was 16, and Ellis’ car was burned at the time of the accident, which the witness claimed that this memory was the leading traumatic event. First, the trial began with an opening statement given by the plaintiff and then examined the witness, Dr. O’Shaughnessy brought from the plaintiff. Dr. O’Shaughnessy / O’Shanassy, Roy J is a medical doctor specialized in the Medicine Psychiatric/Forensic Psychiatric. He was in charge of examining Ellis’ brain injury and damages after the car…

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