Case Analysis : Toilet Manufacturing Company Essay

715 Words Oct 17th, 2016 3 Pages
This case focuses on Aqulaisa, a U.K. shower manufacturing company. Since its start, Aqualisa has done a fairly decent job at market research. They identified the issues that both consumers and plumbers had with their current showers and produced several different product lines to address a few of these issues. However the existing brands were not addressing all the needs of the consumers or the plumbers. Aqualisa spent 3 years and millions of dollars conducting research to find out what area they were not showing enough attention to. In 2001 Aqualisa launched a new brand called the Quartz. The purpose behind this new brand was to address the remaining concerns of consumers and plumbers which existing brands failed to acknowledge.
Up until the emergence of the Quartz, consumers were not necessarily happy with the current showers in the market. After Aqualisa conducted market research, they found that consumers wanted a shower that looked great, delivered good pressure, maintained a steady temperature, easy to use, and did not break. The Quartz addressed these issues head on. For years Aqualisa has had a solution to water pressure and temperature but the solution often either required you to excavate (which consumers were not a fan of) or sacrifices aesthetics. By locating the mechanism remotely, consumers no longer had to excavate and had the option to put the box that contained the pump and mixer out of sight. The Quartz also added other comfort features making it easy to…

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