Case Analysis : The Drilling Rig Essay

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On 10/31/16, in conjunction with McLaren Independent Adjuster Mr. Larry Nixon, an inspection was conducted at a work site where the insured, Superior Well Drillers had been drilling a water well for a client at Avenue 40, and Road 192, Delano, CA. The investigator with the assistance of Mr. Nixon was to verify what the insured has so far done and accomplished, after the loss when drilling equipment fell into the hole which the insured was drilling for their client.

At 2:00 p.m., the inspection at the work site in Delano, it was evident that the insured had continued working at the same location. However, it was found that the drilling rig had been moved from where it was previously found during our first inspection. The drilling rig where it was excavating had been moved approximately 75 feet away which exposed a hole in the ground from where the rig had been transferred. The Investigator found that the existing hole was partially covered with various pieces of metal rods and other pieces of metal bars which appeared to be carelessly done, as the hole in the ground was not capped or plugged. Further, discovery of the opened hole showed that the rods were not soldered over the existing hole or secured.

The Investigator found that the ongoing drilling at the second site was being performed by Sergio Provencio and Ashley Maylin, who claimed that they moved the drilling rig to the second site last month. However, he did not have an exact day as to when the rig was moved.…

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