Essay on Case Analysis : The Client 's Problem

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Case Conceptualization Case conceptualization is typically initiated by the identification of the client’s problem. CBT’s view is that the problem lies within maladaptive cognitive processes (e.g. cognitive distortions and destructive, often times inaccurate, core beliefs) that lead to problematic behavioral outcomes. Once the problem has been identified, the etiology of the problem is explored. Within CBT the assumption is that learned cognitive constructs for which the client’s experiences are viewed through cause and maintain the results (e.g. anxiety, depression, etc.) of the client’s problems. Once this etiology has been mapped, appropriate CBT techniques and strategies can be selected and a therapeutic plan can be created. Case conceptualization necessitates the need for a time frame for therapy. CBT is typically brief, so the time frame for such therapy will be limited (e.g. 8-16 sessions). Given its action based nature and quantifiable interventions, CBT dictates that this conceptualization is reevaluated and assessed periodically for effectiveness and adjustments made in order to achieve positive outcomes and goals.
Case Study: Client Background Information Throughout my final internship, I had the opportunity to implement CBT with clients, develop my skills and refine my theoretical orientation as I continually strived to become a reflective and competent practitioner. CBT defined the techniques I employed, how I developed the therapeutic relationship,…

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