Case Analysis : Ted Bundy Essay

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Ted Bundy, born November 24, 1946, was a famous serial killer and rapist in the 1970s. He raped and murdered young women across several different states. He was connected to at least 36 murders, however people thought he committed hundred or more. He became somewhat of a “celebrity” during the trail with his charm and intelligence. But the court still gave him the death penalty and he was executed in 1989 by way of the electric chair. (source #5)
1. Risk Factors
a. Developmental
i. Strain Theory
Ted Bundy’s mother, Eleanor, was only 22 years old and unmarried when she had Ted, which was deeply against her religious parents beliefs. The family didn’t want people to know it was an illegitimate child so he was raised by his grandparents as their adopted son and Ted was told his mother was his sister. A couple years later Eleanor moved with Ted to Washington, were she married Johnnie Bundy, which is how Ted got his name. (SOURCE #5). Ted was introduced to pornography at a very young age and he became addicted to hardcore violent pornography. As the years went on his addition grew, and at some point the fantasies turned into reality and he needed to actually perform the acts to be satisfied (Source #2). These risk factors are a good example of the strain theory. ii. Social Control Theory
As a teenager, when his dark side started to come out, he enjoyed looking in other people’s windows and watching them change (Source #5). Another major developmental event that happen to Bundy…

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