Case Analysis : Sprint Corporation Essay

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Sprint Corporation (“Sprint”) is a publicly traded company with millions of shareholders, over 30,000 employees, and over 57 million customers. In culmination hundreds of millions of people invest their trust and confidence in Sprint. As such, the success of this organization must be ensured in order to protect the interests of all. In order to effect such an assurance a comprehensive evaluation of every element of the organization should be conducted. It is a monumental task that no one person can bear alone. The degree of introspective evaluation and subsequent reorganization requires the commitment of a team of loyal, dedicated, and passionate employees. A team vested and bonded in the trust and confidence of the hundreds of millions of people that they serve. A team that can cast aside the ways of the old and proudly take-up the mantle of the of the new Sprint and advance it forward. A movement has begun and a cultural shift must ensue. Only then can we faithfully and honorably discharge the duties for which we have been entrusted. #MoveForward
The scope of this review is limited to the Indirect Sales Channel, specifically Preferred Retailers. The standards used when conducting this review are: financial impact, efficiency, and liability. It is not inclusive of all issues that exist within the Indirect Channel but addresses only those deemed to have the greatest impact on the organization.
The methodology used when determining the recommendations for…

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