Case Analysis: Screen Shot Of Mr. Khalid's Hotel

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Screen shot of Mr. Khalid’s reservation 1:

Screen shot of Mr.Khalid’s reservation 2:

Screenshot of the finance folder in One Drive :

Screenshot of the adjusted prepayment of booking / refund/ additional charges:

Room Type price Unit Total Price
Reservation 1 Doubal 1200 5 6000
Reservation 2 Suite 2500 2 5000
Differances 1000

Appendix B:

Date Services Charges (SR) Check ( X) if completed
1/7/2018 Room service for 808 200.00 X
2/782018 Spa for 809 500.00 X
3/7/2018 Dine in Chinese Restaurant 300.00 X
3/7/2018 Car rent 250.00 X
4/7/2018 Guided Tour Service 1500.00 X
5/7/2018 Room Service 809 150.00 X
6/7/2018 Beauty Services 250.00 X
8/7/2018 2 Vans for the airport 350.00 X
Screenshot of sales

How to
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2. Restaurant.
3. Beauty salon.
4. play room.

Screenshot of
a)Adjusted 10% Room Service discount

b)Total bill after discount

To whom you should report the problem and how can you resolve it the issue of non-inclusion of VAT

c)Total bill after VAT

The customer noticed that he did not receive a discount for the Spa services through his membership but according to your hotel there is not offered. Record his comment on the discount discrepancy, consult your colleagues on how to avoid this issue , develop a plan of action to resolve this issue and monitor the impact of the action plan and include it in your report

Mr. Khalid’s Statement on discount discrepancy on Spa Services
He is angry and he doesn’t get discount .

How to avoid this issue
I will tell the manger about this problem to add discount in his bill.

Action Plan

Problem Action Owner Duration Start Date End Date
The problem discount was not added to his bill for Spa Fix software IT Department 1 week 31/01/2018
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) Sales and Marketing 2 week 18/2/2018 24/2/2018

Appendix C

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