Case Analysis: Sales Force Training at Arrow Electronics Essay

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Case analysis: Sales Force Training at Arrow Electronics

Executive Summary

– This case focuses on the training given to the fresh, out- of- college

sales people at Arrow Electronics and the reasons on why the training programme failed to have the intended effect. Arrow Electronics was the first distributing company to recruit college graduates as a part of their sales force. To bring them up to the skill level required by field sales representatives, an elaborate training programme was put in place. By the second year the training programme proved to be really successful as the trained graduates became best in the business as field sales representatives. That was when the competitors poached them with higher salaries and promise
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They generally had strong monetary motivation and were at most high school graduates. Most did not have college degrees and moved up within the business. They resorted to a lot of glad handling

and travel & entertainment in order to attract and lock in clients. Personal relations were the focused on for converting a lead into a contract. They were difficult to train because of the amount of time they had spent being like this. Everyone had their own informal way of tapping clients and it was hard to inject new perspectives and formal training to them. Strategy of formalizing the sales force by recruiting college graduates – The idea was to bring in fresh people who would be trained formally and would also provide as a pool for the next generation of leaders and managers in the company. The demerits of the existing sales force as discussed would be overcome as professionalism would be incorporated in its ranks. The company wanted the sales people to understand the client company as a whole, try to gauge their needs and suggest suitable products which met them. In case there weren’t any need, they wanted the sales people to understand their business process and suggest products to improve it. Demand creation would be the principle then. Recruitment and Training of the college graduates – The following steps were followed by the authorities for the recruitment and training of the 1st batch of Sprouts. The Arrow managers

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