Essay on Case Analysis: Rogers' Chocolate

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BA462-Strategic Manament – Case 1

September 19, 2013

After taking in depth tour of Rogers’ Chocolate, one may find many strengths and weaknesses in terms of the company’s strategic managements. This case analysis is written to figure out the company’s weaknesses by decomposing company’s current circumstances and strengths by integrating components of strategic management.
Good strategic plan is derived from using an appropriate analysis. Although there are many useful analogical methods that can be used such as Michael Porter’s 5 forces model, the main method used here would be SWOT analysis. SWOT is a very effective tool in understanding and creating
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Overall, Rogers’ Chocolate, without a doubt, has strengths and weakness that is obvious yet has plenty of room for improvements. After considering both internal and external factors that the company is confronting, it can aim to achieve more competitiveness as following few points:

Overcome geological constraints by broaden or franchising the brand. Rogers’ can approach and advertise themselves to larger number of customers by cooperating with other companies as collaborators such as bookstores, coffee shops, and large shopping mall. For example, Godiva Company uses new chocolate selling strategies by putting their products in Barns and Noble, the national franchise bookstore to its café and inside store next to bookshelves. Having collaboration with other company not only helps to reach to more people but also increase brand awareness in the long run.

While keeping their royal customers intact with keeping Rogers’ steady selling products, product development such as dark chocolate, organic chocolate, or new desert kind product that will satisfy both current and prospective customer. In developing existing and new products, the creativity is the key to the working process. Communication with current employees, royal yet too reluctant to change or try new things, will play a significantly important role in being creative. They are the one who understands the most and has the best idea regarding the

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