Case Analysis : Police Chief Bill Essays

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I have been ordered by Kirkland Police Chief Bill Hamilton to provide this written statement. Nothing that I include in this statement, nor evidence derived from the statement may be used against me in a subsequent criminal proceeding. I understand that I must complete this statement which will address questions which are specifically, directly and narrowly related to the performance of my official duties. At the direct order of Chief Hamilton, understanding that I can be disciplined and/or terminated for violating a direct order, I am making this statement.

On 10/15/15 at about 0930 hours, Sgt. Aksdal, Detective Davidson and I were working in the investigations office at the Kirkland Police Department, 11750, NE 118th St. Kirkland WA. Emergency tones were being transmitted over the radio which caught our attention. Dispatch then advised that a male was running near the old court house, 11515 NE 118th St displaying a gun. Since this was a few blocks away, Detective Davidson and I put on our tactical vests and got into his assigned detective vehicle to search for the male. We went to the Christ Church daycare, 11717 NE 118th St. and I contacted the administrator and informed her to lock down the school. We then heard that a K9 unit was responding to the scene to track the suspect and officers were being told to set up a perimeter. Detective Davidson was driving and we were discussing where the best place would be for us to setup for the perimeter. We drove westbound…

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