Case Analysis On Feeding Cover Up Essay

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Breastfeeding or nursing as it is usually referred to is the act of feeding a baby or an infant with milk from the mothers breast. Breast feeding is encouraged worldwide due to its immense benefits both to the mother and the child. However various ethical and moral challenges have plagued this natural act especially in modern 21st century. The following is a case analysis on the two illustrations.
The main ethical issue in our cases is public nakedness. Women’s breasts have largely been considered private parts especially by the opposite sex since they elicit sexual urges and attraction. Although in older cultures women did not cover their breasts and usually walked and socially interacted without covering their breasts. Civilization and modern morality has made women breasts to be considered private parts. It is thus a major ethical issue when a woman’s breast is open to the public eye whether intentional or unintentional during breastfeeding in public. The strictly religious and more cultured in society will outright view this as immorality due public nudity and a breach of social code, while the free-minded will have no worry or major opinion on it thus making it a major ethical issue. Another minor ethical issue is public nuisance or inconsiderateness of those surrounding you. While yes it is a natural act people have different opinions which should all be respected. For example a barren woman passing by during a breastfeeding…

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