Case Analysis Of White Wave Foods Company Essay

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Case Analysis for Silk Soymilk
Since the mid 1970’s, White Wave Foods Company has become one of the most recognized, leading, and influential food and beverage corporate establishment in North America and Europe. Throughout the years, multiple subsidiaries have joined the manufacturing giant, including Horizon Organic, Silk, Vega, and many other smaller companies. One of those brands, called Silk, which focuses on manufacturing a variety of healthy and delicious dairy-substitute products, such as Silk Soymilk, has been quite successful in 2005 due to the firms’ effective household penetration strategy that has assisted Silk in acquiring a consistent revenue growth. However, in 2006 that same strategy proved to be no longer adequate, useful, or practical, as it only resulted in 1% overall increase in sales. The unexpectedly low percentage caused Silk to become doubtful, whether the company can continue to fulfil its stated goal of keeping the Soymilk brand into the mainstream. It was clear that the company desperately needed a vital maneuver that would steer Silk in the positive direction. In order to do so, two alternative solutions have been proposed. The first alternative solution would be to invest in the implementation of a market development strategy that would aim to familiarize the general population with Silks’ soymilk nutritional benefits, which would result in increased soymilk consumption. Scientific research studies show that soymilk is perceived as a product…

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