Case Analysis Of Verizon

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Register to read the introduction… Today Verizon Wireless cellphones can be bought in many stores such as Best Buy, Walmart, and even RadioShack. They also have a very broad B2B relationship. According to Verizon’s Business solutions fact sheet Verizon serves 96 percent of Fortune 100 customers, as well as businesses with 20+ lines.
Verizon is very successful due to the core competency it possesses from its competitive advantage. Verizon has made sure to stay focused on solidifying its competency and using it towards their competitors so that their business will continue to grow and be ever-lasting. They maintain by having one core competency which is “To create the most respected brand in communications.” This competency can be seen through Verizon’s product and technological innovation and also is paired with their excellent customer
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Verizon’s main focus for their marketing strategy is to provide solutions that will satisfy their diverse customer base or target market which ranges from young adults, elderly, and to businesses (small or large). In 2011 Verizon determined that their assets gave them a well-established foundation for growth. This year they plan to build upon their wireless network by putting forth global solutions and a backbone for the internet which can be delivered to any device so their customers can have new ways to manage their lives. Verizon has a very clever way of presenting their strategy it is not based solely upon one element instead their strategy has four components which are objective areas customers, managers/employees, operations processes, and financial. Within each component there is a main factor that is focused upon. With customers they would like to increase the compatibility of their devices (GSM, 4G LTE, etc.), with their managers/employees they want to improve their product knowledge, within their operations processes they are trying to decrease their workforce and increase efficiency, and financially they are striving to increase revenues, and operation …show more content…
Verizon is a company who sells products dealing with technology. If properly updated, developed, and researched this can greatly benefit Verizon by putting them ahead of their competitors. However, it can become a downfall if not managed properly. Wireless voice services are continually evolving, and Verizon not only has to keep pace, but in order to stay ahead must annually invest in research and development if they wish to remain established as a lead competitor in their industry. The number of American wireless customers now exceeds 290 million; however, these plans are not purchased for mainly talking on the phone, as they are now making a trend towards being primarily used for data. The new major growth area for service providers is data as more customers upgrade to smartphones with data service plans. This means that a greater amount of information is being transferred by Verizon, and they are managing to do it at a faster pace with the development of their 4G LTE

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