Prime Media Corporation: Bill Meade Case

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Introduction As CEO of Prime Media Corporation Bill Meade faces the following dilemmas; how to acquire a substantial amount of growth for the business and devise a strategy that will allow for a smooth transition into international markets. The planning process for this task is daunting enough on its own but Bill has the pleasure of trying to convince the board of directors that pursuing businesses overseas will lead to the success that they desire. In order to better understand the issue at hand it is important to identify all of the key management players that will be involved in the making of this decision as well.
The Involved Parties As acting CEO, it would be logical to believe that Bill holds all of the power and he can essentially steer Prime Media in the direction that he believes would be the most flourishing. However, this is not the case because a chief executive such as himself would have been chosen by a board of directors. The board is responsible for allocating goals, directions, and priorities of the firm to the CEO (Jugenheimer & Kelley, 2009). The case study does not specify if the board is expected to answer to another higher level of management. For argument’s sake if the board was obligated to report to another level of management it would be the stakeholders. According
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Bill will have to assess whether Prime would be able to survive in all of Europe and Asia or possibly only a handful of countries. It would have to be decided how comfortable they would feel working in a country that can possess an entirely different culture and perception compared to the US (“How to Take Your Company Global,” n.d.). To narrow down his options of which country or countries he thinks Prime should expand to he can conduct foreign market research through The Department of Commerce (“How to Take Your Company Global,”

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