Case Analysis Of Pepsi

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PepsiCo is a global company which is one of food and beverage industry leaders. They have sevaral brands in which has 22 brands generate more than $1 billion each in revenues (including Pepsi, Lays, Gatorade). (Sharon Bailey, 2014) Picture 1: 22 PepsiCo's Billion Dollar Brands
The products that PepsiCo manufactures:
 Food: o Chiased-ps o Flavored snacks o Cereals o Rice o Pasta o Dairy-based product
 Beverages: o Carbonated soft drinks o Juices o Ready-to-drink tea and coffee o Sports drinks o Mineral Water
No. Brand Product Logo
1 PEPSI - Pepsi
- Diet Pepsi
- Pepsi Max
2 MOUNTAIN DEW - Mountain Dew
- Diet Mountain Dew
- Caffeine Free Mountain Dew
3 7 UP - 7 UP
- 7 UP TEN
4 MIRINDA - Mirinda Orange
- Mirinda Sarsi
- Mirinda Berry
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In many years of developing, the containers are replaced with plastic bottle or aluminum can, with many sizes and appearances.

Side by side the appearances, the ingredients of Pepsi-Cola also have been changed in times. Do not affect much to the original formula of the soft drink, but help Pepsi to find out new products serving harsh market needs.
Many new products contribute parts of revenue for the company beside the original Pepsi-Cola, such as Diet Pepsi (found in 1964), or Pepsi Max (which is no calories). Some products makes differences with extraordinary flavors like lemon, cherry, coffee.
The company knows that is important to find more new products provides to the consumers more choices and satisfies their needs. Lately, consumers tend to use products which healthier, more organic, sugar free…this makes all of soft drink manufacturers have to adapt and change.
Nowadays, PepsiCo has built up an image of products of youth and energy, every design of every period always express the freshness and friendliness. PepsiCo’s products take about 28% of the world market share and still spreading the

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