Case Analysis Of Marcy R, A Social Worker At The Bfl General Hospital

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Introduction of the case
Marcy R is a social worker at the BFL General Hospital. At this hospital, Marcy works primarily with cancer patients and their families. Marcy was assigned to Michael’s case. Michael is a frail 68-year-old man admitted to the hospital for a exploratory surgery of his abdomen. According to Michael’s physician, he is “emotionally labile.” After the surgery, Michael’s daughter, Ellen B, talked to Marcy regarding her father’s medical situation. Ellen informed Marcy that Michael’s physician reported that the surgery’s results showed that Michael has terminal cancer. Ellen said that the family was in shock because they did not expect that diagnosis. Ellen told Marcy that her family agreed not to inform Michael about his medical condition. Therefore, they did not want the hospital staff to tell Michael about the terminal cancer. Ellen asked Marcy for help in order to talk to the physician regarding the family’s decision.
Ethical dilemma
In this case, the ethical dilemma is whether Marcy decides to help the family and violate the integrity and dignity and worth principle, or to let the doctor inform Michael about his diagnosis and violate the service principle.
Issues related to the case
Michael was diagnosed with cancer; therefore, Marcy’s decision whether to help the family keeps the secret or not is going to generate risks on Michael’s health and affect Marcy’s profession as a social worker. The important issues in Michael’s case are:…

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