Case Analysis Of Jetblue

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Register to read the introduction… They both started out with a system that was designed for smaller airline entities. Since both companies had grown in customer base, they needed to focus on the processing power of the system. The ability to link prices and seat inventories to other airlines they did business with was needed also. I liked the way both companies recongnized that due to growth in their customer base, they needed to upgrade their reservation systems in order to keep up with the customer base whie continuing to provide the great customer service that their consumers are used too. This proved to be difficult for WestJet in the beginning due to improper planning. Initially, I figured, maybe it was just the chance they took being the first of the two to put the system into operation. However, when comparing the two organizations and observing the way they planned for the risks involved, shows that JetBlue was the better of the two organizations at planning for the unknown and …show more content…
The company also experienced slowdowns at the airport. This company’s rise to success was due to customer satisfaction and at the time of roll out of the new system, customer satisfaction was rapidly declining. The issue that caused WestJet to endure all of these problems was the transfer of 840,000 files that contained data on transactions that past customers had made. The transfer time required moving the files were underestimated; too many passengers were booked on flights for the day after the system implement which allowed no room for error. Hundreds of thousands of reservations for future flights were not accessible during the migration of the file system and for some time after implementation. Because WestJet didn’t a lot enough time for the transfer of files to takes place, it cause severe issue’s that they had fix on the backend. This cause great customer displeasure. JetBlue did just the opposite, they made sure to create a backup site for this issue which saved them from a lot of glithches in the

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