Frida Giannini Essay

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As shown all the considered fashion luxury companies are characterised by a superior quality products, a particular heritage, a special attention in the manufacturing process, a significant number of products under the same name umbrella and a direct control on every single store.
Gucci distinctive features instead are linked to its manufacturing process 100% based on its country of origin, its focus on leather goods, its iconic products such as the Bamboo bag and the Jackie bag. Moreover the company is facing a very successful period thanks to its new creative director Alessandro Michele, who is considered as a source of rejuvenation for the organisation (Harper’s Bazaar 2015). To be part of the Kering group can also help to get (and transfer) know how and information among different brands with different origins and characteristics.
All of these features,
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A good human relationship between Frida Giannini and Lapo Elkann (trust between the companies)
4. Gain a competitive advantage creating an entire lifestyle around the new product
5. Enhance their brand identity reinforcing the association with the country of origin
The price of the new car was about 17000 euro with the possibility to pre-order it online for a limited period of time. It was showed in several exclusive locations in Paris, London, Tokyo and Milan before the mass commercialisation. Moreover Gucci produced an entire collections of clothes, accessories , sunglasses and watches inspired by the Fiat 500 collaboration. Table 8: Gucci Fiat 500 collection
The success of this initiative was so significant that the two partners decided to create together another car model: Fiat 500C by Gucci, that basically was a cabriolet version of the original one. Table 9: Fiat 500C by Gucci

In this second case the collaboration was surely stronger as the previous one created a base of mutual knowledge and confidence. Moreover the risk was lower because of the past experience of the market

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