Daikin Essay

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1.0 Introduction
Daikin is one of the Japanese multinational air conditioner manufacturing company which produce quality air conditioner worldwide. Their company headquarter is developed in Osaka, Japan. Daikin has operations not only in Japan but also in China, Australia, India, Southeast Asia, Europe and North America. It is the world second largest corporation in the fluorine chemistry industry.

In the early 1960’s, the company was renamed Daikin Kogyo Co Ltd. However in the 1980’s, it was renamed to the current Daikin Industries Ltd. In 1997, Daikin has established its company in China, which is Daikin Fluoro Coatings (Shanghai) Co. Ltd. and it is one of the subsidiaries fully-owned by Daikin Industries, Ltd. In North America, Daikin
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4.2 Relationship with Suppliers
A dependable relationship with suppliers is essential to a firm’s sustainability and growth, and it should be monitored and assessed periodically by any firm.

Daikin has their own philosophy while dealing with their suppliers, and their philosophy is rottenly comply with their purchasing policy. Daikin’s purchasing philosophy is “respect independence” and “cooperation and competition”. They establishing open-door policy to build a fair relations; believe that mutual trust brings on mutual growth; observing regulations and maintain confidentiality.

Daikin have to ensure working closely with suppliers, hence they ensure that their entire supply chain is legal compliance in order to bring awareness towards supplier. In conditioning supplier aspects, Daikin provides special websites with environment-related laws for suppliers. Suppliers that fail to meet Daikin’s requirement are required to write improvement plans if the failure is founded while renewing agreement. By follow up those suppliers, Daikin can help them to raise their

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