Racism In Tulla

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In my opinion in Tulia, I think it is a bigger liability being black than being poor. This is because, regardless of the unscrupulous arrest by Coleman, many of the black residents cited difficulties in finding work. As terrible as it sounds in my opinion, in this town a lot of the black and African American residents are poor as a result of the racism and unspoken segregation of the city. They are poor because they are black and not given the opportunities allotted to many of the white residents. In terms of the arrests, I believe that even had the black residents been wealthy, they would have still been arrested. I think this is because they would have used their wealth like they did some of the victim’s unemployment against them. Typically …show more content…
This dependently ties in with the movie, where the town law officials seemed fixated on arresting the black community members. In America, white and black citizens do not use drugs at an equal rate. Whites participate in more drug use than any other rate, yet black and African Americans are arrested for the majority of drug crimes. Moreover, drug enforcement officers and police rarely target middle class or wealthy neighborhoods, or predominantly white neighborhoods. By mainly focusing on poor black communities, the police are not engaging in a war on drugs, but rather a war on poor black people. This war on black people can also be seen in the mandatory minimum sentencing differences for crack and cocaine. Since crack is usually associated with poor black neighborhoods, the sentencing for crack is more severe than that of cocaine since cocaine is associated with wealthy white citizens. However, this is also a misconception since white people engage in crack use than African American or Black drug users. Institutional racism is related to how societal patterns that have resulted in oppressive and harmful conditions against a particular race of people. The war on drugs definite is tied in with institutional racism, since many African American and black individuals are given fewer opportunities than white people, and those African American and black individuals are arrested more, charged with more serious crimes, and are found guilty of committing crimes receive harsher sentences than white people. Overall, the sentences and the societal expectations and treatment or black and African American individuals continue to create a divide among races and sadly a different class system with a different set of rules and

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