Essay about Case Analysis : Maersk Group

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Problem Statement: Maersk Group had five talent challenges that required resolution in order for the company to be successful. The five talent challenges were; Turnover, Training and development (high attrition rate and industry competition), Hiring from outside the firm, Rehiring (should they bring in external talent and reduce integration risk), Increase diversity in order to have an inclusive culture. In essence, the Maersk Group had neglected in developing a strategic plan and developing goals related to their human resource leadership team and needs to invest both time, money and leadership in to developing their human capital throughout the company so they can be successful in the long term. In this particular case, “If” the company can recognize their deficiencies involving their human capital then what steps could they take to remedy the situation.
Regarding Maersk’s Group high turnover situation if the company would have hired the right people from the start it would have reduced turnover. The company should interview and test candidates more carefully to ensure they had the right skills and competencies, as well as if they fit well with the company culture, managers and co-workers. They should seek out intelligent, creative and versatile individuals so they can tailor specific jobs to fit their individuals for inclusion in specific talent pools. Also, they should set the right compensation and benefits package from the start, they should work…

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