Case Analysis: Kellogg's Equal Opportunity Employees

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Register to read the introduction… Along with diversity they have incorporated inclusion, therefore making everyone in the work environment aware they are welcomed and values. In 2012 senior leaders yearly incentive plans are added diversity and inclusion as a performance measure. They have to policies linked to diversity and inclusions, equal employment opportunity and anti-harassment policy. As an Equal Opportunity Employer they make certain that all applicants and employees considered for hire, promotion, and other employment status regardless of race, gender, color, religion, disability, veterans status, and other demographic groups. Since 2005 Kellogg has had an Office of Diversity and Inclusion, that focuses on employing and retaining diverse employees, creating awareness, and establishing diversity throughout the organization. In 2011 this office began the "e-mentoring" program, Better Together. This is a program that combines new hires with more experiences employees who mentor them through email. Their goal being to share information to help new and young employees to develop in their job. Kellogg currently has seven Employee Research Groups (ERG's) that help with recruitment and networking to add to the strength of the …show more content…
Step one, find the right job starts with their Career site where they can use the job search to find the a job opening you are interested in. Step 2 is where you complete the online application that includes attaching your resume and answering a questionnaire. Once sent you will receive a response from their recruitment team let you know if you were a good fit and that they will be contacting you to set up an interview, or if you were not exactly what they were looking for in that position but will be considered for other future opportunities. Step 3, phone interview, a recruiter will contact you to go over your past experiences, education, skills and future goals. During this conversation they will determine if an in-person interview will be scheduled. Step 4, the in-person interview, where Kellogg uses a behavioral-based interview, giving them the chance to understand your abilities and the applicant the opportunity to learn more about them, allowing both sides to determine if this is going to be a good fit. Step 5, offer and acceptance, meaning that both sides agreed that it was going to be a good fit. The finally step 6, onboard, which consist of additional information and your online portal to start your successful career with

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