Case Analysis : Juice Avocado Essay

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“Juice Avocado. Juice orange!” she squawked to draw the attention of the passersby. There were few other carts, next to them, hawking tasty ethnic foods, and they all had an unspoken, stiff competition among themselves to attract the customers, in spite of having excellent camaraderie – survival of the fittest.

“Avocado Juice– Jus aplokat,” Yanti hawked in high pitch drawing the notice of the shoppers who looked at her smilingly but didn’t buy as they’re going to the market and might try her stuff on their way back home.

The chilled Avocado slush, laced with sweetened chocolate, milk cream, was quite popular with the shoppers who’d quench thirst in the strong, scorching summer. The sweet coconut water, slathered with a concoction of tender coconut meat in it, flavored with a condensed milk, lychee syrup, ice cubes and sugar – sold like hotcakes. Female shoppers, after finishing their daily shopping, would line up for an Iced Orange juice – Es Jeruk Nipis – a sweetened drink, flecked with small ,ice cubes, often asking for an extra serving, at a throwaway five cents a big glass. Rose was famous for her tasty, scrumptious fried rice – Nasi Goreng, topped with a mound of minced omelette – priced reasonably and the customers jammed at their counter for a spicy platter, especially spiked with the tiny hot chilies that would burn the tongue and brought tears to the eyes, for sure, much to the delight of the foodies. They would run for a cover for their burning…

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