Shahir A Aslam Case Analysis Essay

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Case Analysis Job Enrichment of HIS Department By Shahir A Aslam

1. The principles of goal setting are applied in this case study to achieve the implementation of new roles with the current jobs. Clear and concise goals are set to implement the new roles into the HIS department. This is explained in the step-by step approach in the case study of Elizabeth Layman, the website, states that,

“Many new roles and, correspondingly, functions, are coming into HIS Departments. Managers and directors need to integrate these roles and functions into the work of their departments. The step-by-step approach summarizes the key points in realigning work and integrating these new roles to meet departmental
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They review periodically the jobs associated with various processes to keep updated of any changes taking place by evaluating the employees and the task they are performing.

Another principle of goal setting they followed is that they managed task complexity by breaking the job redesign process into smaller tasks. Each step is then accomplished with ease and efficiency to reach the final goal. This is apparent in their step-by step approach.

The HIS department has also made the commitment to follow through on these goals by setting the plan and path they mean to follow to implement these new roles within their department. They have set challenging and realistic goals that can be accomplished within their company framework.

2. The principles of job enrichment that are applied in this case are that jobs are altered due to sector and organizational changes. This enable Job enrichment to take place, in the form of Frederick Herzberg’s vertical job loading. This principle is used to bring more challenge to work employees by job redesign, making the current task more challenging. The jobs can be redesigned and enriched due to new technologies, environmental and economic changes or organizational changes. For example in the case study of Elizabeth Layman (2011) on the website,,
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By the increase of new roles in the HIS department the structure of the department and its employees is taking place. A redesigning of the current jobs is transforming the jobs to become more challenging and innovative. Since HIS is service oriented it need to have great communication channels with its customers, which means an increase in the volume of email and then responding to those emails in an efficient manner. Their customer service department will also feel the impact of this change on the HIS department. Job enrichment can also lead to positive motivation on employees who have become bored of their current jobs. Challenging, more difficult roles will enable them to work harder towards growth which will also increase their knowledge and skill levels. They will feel a sense of accomplishment when the job is done, and being in control of the task assigned to them will lead to work satisfaction. They will enjoy the work they are doing and want to come to work. This will reduce days off and tardiness and increase productivity. Also employees are more motivated by accomplishing difficult tasks and feel a sense of achievement. Therefore, they want to stay at the job and perform

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