Essay on Case Analysis : ' House Farm '

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Promotion is defined as the means of raising customer awareness about a product or a brand, generating sales and creating brand loyalty. It is extreme-ly important to promote a product as without this promotion is can result in a product declining or never reaching the peak of its sales. Broom House Farm markets its business in many different ways, through signage, leaflets and web-sites.

Their marketing is helped by EBLEX and FARMA. FARMA is an organization set-up to encourage farms to open their own farm shop, it allows them to devel-op their farm through awards and committees helping them to market their business with
The help of those who are successful. They also help the business to lower costs and have management training to ensure each farm shop is a success. It doesn’t help the business directly, it also champions them away from the shop and encourages people to shop local.
EBLEX is a delivery of service for lamb and beef payers in England it encour-ages competitiveness and sustainability. This means that they are able to compete in farming and also gives their promotion a competitive It aims to add price to their food, meaning when Broom House Farm are promoting their product it has an added incentive to purchase as it has prestige over standard meat.
These organizations are extremely important in helping the business to pro-mote their product as not only give it an incentive as they are supported by this organization they also, help them to market and run a…

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