Case Analysis : Hearing Attorney Lori Thompson Essay

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Hearing Attorney Lori Thompson speak was truly insightful because, it was interesting hear from an attorney who had a background of criminal prosecution then transitioning into Probate and Elder law. In the start of her presentation she explained to the class what made her want to be a lawyer. She outlined to the class that she dreamed of being a lawyer since seventh grade. With that simple wish to become a lawyer she developed the drive and passion she needed in order to get to where she wanted.
In Attorney Lori Thompson’s Lecture I liked the fact that she was somewhat explicit on explaining to us on her experience or encounters with law school, and as a working attorney. Prior to her presentation I had a clear focus on what type of law I wanted to on. This was either family or even criminal law. Due to my past experiences with divorce in my family and participating in countless mock trials in high school my interest grew. Further on in the presentation Mrs. Thompson she was able to go as far as explain that the first year of law school will truly scare you to death. The second year of law school will work you to death and finally the third year of law school will bore you to death. She even went as far as sharing with the class her experience in a class that surrounds real estate in law school. For some reason I would have expected her go on about how interesting it was and the different things she learned and so on, put for some reason she couldn’t stop talking about…

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